Art and Decorative finishes 

The Artbox Project Basel Switzerland June 14-18, 2017 "Urban Rainforest" mixed media on canvas

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I have been experimenting with Mica and Glass  lately.  There are some stories that can only be told through movement.

latest works on canvas 

Everything and everyone has a story to tell. I love capturing whats on my mind  and letting viewers come up with their own ideas about it.


I have always felt energy from natural  landscapes. The beautiful colors and organic lines give off a wonderful vibe that I feed off of.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my Art novel with you.

The Artbox Project Miami Nov 30 2016 - Dec 4, 2016    Art Basel  "Transparent Horizion" mixed media on canvas 

B Taylor Artworks

Art and Services 

I love working with plasters and this is one of many I fell in love with creating. I was so in thought about my current attitude.



let my hands tell your story...

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         "Endless Tulips"

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