Metallic Ice Bloom

mixed media on canvas 48x36


Urban Rainforest

mixed media on canvas 36x24


​This piece was exhibition in Basel Switzerland June 2017 for the Artbox Project

​Bridgit Taylor ​

Weeping Birch

mixed media on canvas 20x16


​Bridgit Taylor

Bridgit Taylor

Bridgit Taylor

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Rise or Fall

acrylic on canvas 18x20 $960


oil on canvas 10x17


Transparent Horizon

mixed media on canvas 30x48


This piece was on exhibition in Art Basel Miami December 2017 for The Artbox Project 

               ​Bridgit Taylor

Bridgit Taylor


mixed media on canvas 20x16


B Taylor Artworks

The Rose

oil on with  2 6x6 re-positional canvases on plexiglass (your wall color will frame the piece)


Bridgit Taylor

Bridgit Taylor

Art and Decorative finishes