Bridgit Taylor

The Rose

oil on with  2 6x6 re-positional canvases on plexiglass (your wall color will frame the piece)


Bridgit Taylor

               ​Bridgit Taylor


mixed media on canvas 20x16


Weeping Birch

mixed media on canvas 20x16


​Bridgit Taylor

Bridgit Taylor

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Rise or Fall

acrylic on canvas 18x20 $960

B Taylor Artworks

Art and Decorative finishes 

Urban Rainforest

mixed media on canvas 36x24


​This piece was exhibition in Basel Switzerland June 2017 for the Artbox Project

Bridgit Taylor


oil on canvas 10x17


Transparent Horizon

mixed media on canvas 30x48


This piece was on exhibition in Art Basel Miami December 2017 for The Artbox Project 

​Bridgit Taylor ​

Metallic Ice Bloom

mixed media on canvas 48x36


Bridgit Taylor

Aloha Self Selfie

watercolor on canvas 48x24